The Phantom 3 is an amazing piece of technology. A piece of hardware that is so amazing and expensive deserves to look the part as well. We feel the Phantom out of the box in white gives the Phantom an unprofessional look. The Phantom as a camera tool behaves and preforms on a Pro level but doesn’t look the part.

So we here at NERO have decided to offer the Phantom 3 Shell in “Stealth Black”.

We start with a Genuine DJI Phantom 3 shell which is then coated using our “Plasti-Fusion”™  technology which has been used on in the past with Polymer firearms. It is not a paint but a thin 0.2-0.4mm coating of actual plastic which is applied to the shell using a unique process. This offers a unmatched durability, aesthetics and design. The coating is a hard, scratch/chip resistant material which appears like it was ordered from the factory this way.
We do not stock these items and all items are made to order so please allow up to 2 weeks before delivery. The coating process takes 5 days to cure. Once the coating is cured the product is preparted for shipment.
Other colors are available upon request. Feel free to send us any questions you have.
You will recieve the Phantom 3 shell in “Stealth Black”. Disassembly and assembly of your Phantom is required to install the shell so look online for Tutorials. We do offer a service to send it your Phantom and have it done by us for an additional fee.  We are based in Phoenix, AZ and all work is done in the U.S.A.